Arrak Fibertec Black Wax Eco

Fibertec Shoe Wax is a leather treatment with beeswax as a base. The wax nourishes the material and impregnates on the depth, giving a water-repellent surface. Black colored.

Take care of your shoes and boots, then they cope better with stress and have a longer life. An easy way to take care of their footwear is to grow them.

Fibertec Shoe Wax is an all-natural product with beeswax as a base and which is easy to use. The wax nourishes the leather and impregnates it in depth, providing a water-repellent and durable surface.

Proceed as follows: Apply the wax to the cleaned leather. Massage with your fingertips for best results, if you want to use a cloth instead.

If the leather is very dry, the treatment can be repeated until the leather is experienced as saturated. Then allow the wax to work for 12 hours before wiping off excess wax. Then polish the leather if a glossy and even surface is desired.

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• Wax with beeswax as a base.

• Provides a water-repellent and durable surface.

• Black.

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