Arrak Outdoors New Sajt

Welcome to our new sajt, Arrak Outdoor 2.0.

Now we have lanced our new webbshop with all our products. We at Arrak Outdoor has even changed our logotype to a new one. But it´s the same wonderful Arrak Outdoor as always.

What is Arrak Outdoor you wondering?

Arrak Outdoor is a company that developed the first dog owner jacket at 1999. It is adapted to you as a dog owner with various clever features that made your dog owner easier and you could concentrate on your dog and not the equipment. Since 1999 we have developed the brand and our collection with more types of garments that are customized for dog owners and outdoor people.

Today we can dress you from top to toe with our functional clothes. Our Original Jacket developed several times together with our Active Stretch Pants. It´s the perfect base for walking or hiking. Top it with a functional undergarment, function shirt, socks, buff and a cap and you're fully protected on your body.

Match the clothes as we have a thought behind everything in terms of color and shape. We know if the clothes look good on you, you will where it, and it´s gives you a winning effect for you as a human being.

Welcome in to our store.