Wool Neckwarmer

Garphyttan Original

Wool neckwarmer is very soft and lovely to wear and nice to wear on the colder days. Produced in 50% Merino wool/45% Bamboo viscose/5% spandex. Wool is a super material as it has the property of being antibacterial, transports moisture well, cools when you are hot, keeps you warm when you are cold, keeps the body dry and is very comfortable to wear in this Wool/Bamboo blend. Weight 45g.

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  • 50% Merino wool/45% Bamboo viscose/5% spandex
  • Antibacterial
  • Transports moisture well
  • Cools when you're hot
  • Keeps you warm when you're cold
  • Keeps the body dry
  • Soft and lovely quality
  • One size
  • Weight 45g
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